The book, History of the Brallier Family, published in 1951, has been re-printed (photocopied) and these copies are now available for sale. The complete title of the book is:

History of the Brallier Family


of Bralliers, Brolliars, Brolliers, etc.


The one-hundred and sixty-six page book was written by J. Merle Brallier assisted by Dr. John K. Brallier Sr. and Mrs. Bertha Brolliar Kasson. For a picture of the re-printed book click here. The table of contents is given here, how to use the book to find relatives and ancestors is given here, the first page of the book is given here and a sample page from the book is given here.

It is an excellent book containing family history, photos, letters, antidotes, copies of early county records and the genealogy of most or many of the family members from 1769 to 1951. Many current living family members (Brallier, Brolliar, Brollier and Bralliar) should either be listed in the book or see their father or grandfather there along with the lineage going back to Christian Sr.


The book sells for $12.00 and shipping and handling for one to three copies is $4.95.

If you have a question about the book or want to arrange payment by check send an email to . In the email Subject please include Brolliar Book so we will know that the email is about the book.



We want to thank Jess M. Brallier, grandson of Dr. John K. Brallier one of the book's authors, for his help in making re-prints of this book available for sale. Jess, an author and publisher , is also one of's sponsors.

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